Fish Flutes and Bubbles: a bedtime story for kids

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

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(Input and inspiration from Leah.)

Once upon a time, there was a lake so deep that only the strongest fish could swim to the very bottom. The fish who could swim to the bottom of the lake were exceptionally lucky because at the bottom of the lake stood the most beautiful brown mountains and luscious green trees.

And also, the most magical bubbles in all the world. Because planted to the lake floor was a big purple robot building that was the home of 16 small robots who did nothing all day but take baths and play flutes that produced bubbles that set fish dancing.

All day they played their silent songs as fish tried their hardest to swim down to the bottom. Each day, one or two made it close enough to swallow the bubbles that would then allow the fish to swim to the surface and fly for a period of 24 hours.

Fishermen were often bamboozled by the flying fish and constantly set their nets to try and catch one or two of the mysterious fsh. But even if they did manage to ensnare one in their nets, by the time they were able to get the fish to a laboratory for science experiments, the magic would have worn off and they’d be left with nothing but meatless sunfish that were good for nothing but releasing back into the lake.

A deep sea diver once came upon the magic robot bath but after talking to the robots, decided she would not reveal their secret so long as they promised to provide her with magic flute bubbles whenever she asked. The effect of the bubbles on humans was not the same as it was on fish. Instead of being given the ability to fly, humans instead experienced exceptionally realistic dreams for the same 24-hour period.

So the deep sea diver and the robots who blew flutes and the fishes who ate magical bubbles all lived their long lives mostly amongst the green trees and brown mountains while the rest of the world continued, as usual, and without magic, above water level.

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